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What is Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

Pyramid Solitaire Saga was developed and released by King. It is a free-to-play mobile game on iOS & Android, much like King’s other releases. The game functions similar to the other developer’s games such as losing movement points when you fail an action.

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It is a puzzle game that is directly inspired by the popular game we all know as Solitaire. Pyramid Solitaire Saga keeps some of the traditional solitaire rules. The rules that are maintained is the rule that there are the same limited number of cards where you select a card. Also, what else is similar is the arrangement of cards in their manner of progression.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is different from Solitaire to arouse more interest, fun and to make it more user-friendly with its spin.

When you first begin this game, you will have to do a tutorial. That tutorial will teach you the fundamental differences in this game that you need to know.

To win a game of Pyramid Solitaire, players will have to locate and target golden cards. These pyramid solitaire gold cards live under stacks of random cards that the player will need to access. The current card which a player picks up from the main batch of cards every time a turn goes by will be a point of reference that determines the sequence order. Then, the players will sort the cards from the pile which has the most cards. After this, players will regularly be arranging the cards around this point of reference. That is where Pyramid Solitaire sticks to the basic principles of Solitaire.

But, there are some deviations such as the joker card. The pyramid solitaire jokers card can replace any card for the point of reference to sequence an arrangement. Also, another drastic change is the game style for the blue pool where players can send a card to stay there until you find a use for it. There are some other surprises such as Pyramid Solitaire Saga scarabs that scuttle around every time a player clears the target card. When this happens, players can tap the scarab to earn extra points.

When players fail certain moves, they will lose lives just like in Candy Crush or kings other games. A player has a total of 5 lives altogether, and each time they fail a move they will lose one life. Losing all lives will result in the player not being able to continue the game for a while. The rate at which it takes a life to restore is about once every 30 minutes. Much like Candy Crush.

To get Pyramid Solitaire Saga lives back more quickly, players can purchase lives and boosters with the in-game currency Pyramid Solitaire Gold Bars. The gold bars for Pyramid Solitaire will effectively get players the tools they need to get through the game at a much more quickened pace. If a player has no more lives left and they need to wait few hours to continue the game, that can be annoying. So, for the player to move more rapidly in this Pyramid Solitaire game, gold bars, lives, and boosters are your friends.

However, gold bars are not easy to get in this game and getting them without purchasing them is extremely slow. Buying gold bars for Pyramid Solitaire Saga is not recommended by The Game Cheats. Because they cost real money. Simple. Why spend real life money on worthless in-game virtual currency is what we say. Also, we realize how much games like Pyramid Solitaire Saga create frustrated players purposely, by putting in limitations. That planned frustration is perfect for these games because it convinces players to buy things like Pyramid Solitaire Gold bars. So what is the solution?

The Game Cheats Pyramid Solitaire Saga Hack

With these cheats, players can get pyramid solitaire saga unlimited gold bars. With these gold bars, players can purchase unlimited amounts of boosters for Pyramid Solitaire Saga. That is ideal for players who do not like waiting around hours for their lives to restore. So, players can continually progress through levels without any limitations.

Our Pyramid Solitaire Saga online hacks tool works only online. That means you do not have to download anything to any of your devices to begin using the hack. It means that players do not have to download Pyramid Solitaire Saga Hack or Download Pyramid Solitaire iOS hack. Anybody with any iOS or Android device can use this cheats tool from any browser. The online software does not need to be used with the same device you have the Pyramid Solitaire Saga app installed on. It all connects only through our tool, the games server and your games account in the server.

Just like the rest of our cheats, the Pyramid Solitaire Saga online hack tool is 100% secure. Our team has great anonymity scripts which block the game from realizing that a player has got gold bars for free. Our script works by communicating with the elements of code that control how many gold bars for Pyramid Solitaire Saga a player has. Then, it rearranges the code to make up the figure of how many the player has requested. It does this stealthily with the anonymity script, and it becomes 100% undetectable from the game. So, players will be glad to know that the game won’t remove their cheats if they are detected. The gold bars will last a very long time, if you do happen to run out strangely, you can just come back to The Game Cheats and reuse our tool to get more free gold bars.

We also realize that there are other tools out there, but we cannot vouch for their reliability. Our tools are always fitted with alert systems which notify our software team when they need updating. Every time a game updates their app, which may be every week. It can affect how our tool works because the game sometimes can change its code on updates. That code is responsible for our tool communicating with the game, so if it changes, it changes the cheats tool. To make sure that our cheats tool is working properly after every update our alert systems will inform the software team straight away. Then, the software team will aim to get the software back up and running within 12 hours. So, players can always expect our cheat tools to work to the best of their ability.

To get started, access the cheats page by clicking on the red button which reads ‘Click Here To Access.’ Then, type in your username or e-mail.

For players that choose to enter their email, it must be the same email that is connected to whatever app store your phone uses. For example, if you are using an iOS device, it should be your Apple ID. And, if you are using an Android, it should be the email connected to your Google Play Store.

After you have chosen your username or e-mail select the device which the Pyramid Solitaire Saga app is installed on [iOS/Android]. Then go ahead and choose your free gold bars for Pyramid Solitaire. Click ‘Generate, ‘ and the server will begin processing your requested cheats to your game. That should not take any more than 2 minutes. Then verify with our anti-spam filter that you are not a bot. Enjoy your cheats!

If you do not see your cheats in your game app straight away, close your app and reopen it.

pyramid solitaire how many cards are on the opening board